how does elon musk spend his time - with 2 companies spacex and tesla

How does Elon Musk spend most of his time? If you want to be successful you have to learn from the greats! Join me to find out what the greats do with their 1440 minutes a day!

Let’s start off by knowing who Elon Musk is.

Also known as “Rocketman”, is a technology entrepreneur and also an engineer.

How did Elon Musk start?

Elon Musk was not born in the USA, he was actually born in South Africa. He first co-founded the famous online payment system PayPal and is now the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX, co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, and the founder of The Boring Company.

So, how does Elon Musk spend his time?


Elon Musk usually starts his day at 7 am then showers, dresses, and has a cup of coffee. Most of his great ideas come from the shower and that’s why it’s more important than having breakfast. After that, he starts the commute to work along with taking his children to school.


He spends most of his afternoons in meetings, since most of the afternoons are filled with meetings he will skip lunch but if he does have a chance he will eat during a meeting. If he thinks something isn’t worth his time he will abruptly leave and encourage his employees to have more meaningful meetings.


He works around 100 to 120 hours a week, but since the birth of his last child, he said he won’t go for 120 hours a week and trim it down to only 100 hours a week. Since the mornings and afternoons are a bit crazy he enjoys his evenings having business dinners to satisfy his hunger since he doesn’t get a chance to earlier in the day. He returns to work around 10 pm and then goes to about 1 am.


He goes to bed around 1 am and doesn’t like getting more than 6 hours of sleep. He prefers to sleep less since it affects his performance.

Here’s a famous quote by Elon Musk.

Nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.