Who is Prince Harry

Prince Harry is the son of King Charles III and Princess Diana Spencer. He is currently 5th in line of succession due to him stepping back as a senior member of the Royal Family, and becoming financially independent.

He is married to Meghan Markle the North American Actress. They currently have 2 children named Archie and Lilibet.

Since he backed down and became financially independent he launched Archewell Inc.

So, what does a Prince’s daily routine look like? Below are the details.

Morning’s with Prince Harry

Harry likes to wake up early this way he can enjoy his days.

The Duke of Sussex likes to start his day with a workout along with green juice.

After living the life of royalty for so long, Harry is very into self-care. So Yoga is a great part of his self-care since Yoga is well known for its mindfulness and is very grounding.

When his meditation session and workout session are over, Harry gets into the shower and tidies up to enjoy breakfast with his wife and kids.

He will start attending to personal matters such as phone calls, answering emails and so on after breakfast is over.


Harry’s afternoons are with his family where they will have lunch. After lunch is done he will attend to business matters which vary between days. For example, on some days he will attend meetings or check with his production company he even spends time volunteering with charitable organizations.

The Prince will continue his mission for self-care and get a couple of sessions of yoga and meditation in or even a workout.


Prince Harry’s evenings are somewhat like his afternoons where they’re very volatile. On some days he will make an appearance on a talk show, where he spends most of the time talking about how life is after stepping down. He will also attend events such as dinners, premiers, and galas.

His top priority is time with his family. So, if he’s not attending the public he will most likely be spending quality time with his wife and children.


At around 11:30 pm no later than this The Prince goes to bed with his wife.

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