TimTheTatman with Kevin (the penguin)

Who is TimTheTatman?

TimTheTatman was a streamer on the “Twitch” platform but since last year (2021) he has then had an exclusive contract with YouTube where he streams Monday through Friday.

His real name is Timothy John Betar, but everyone knows him as TimTheTatman.

Tim started his streaming career back in 2013. As he mentioned in his huge announcement YouTube video when switching to this platform.

Here’s what TimTheTatman’s daily routine and his streaming schedule look like.

Mornings with TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman doesn’t start streaming until around 10 am. Before work actually starts he will shower and get ready to start streaming.

TimTheTatman loves sleeping so sometimes he will just wake up and start streaming.

In his stream, he likes to start off by greeting everyone in his chat and then will start reading the extensive amount of donations he receives.

Since everything is live and through YouTube, he has to be careful what he shows so his assistant Wipz will check the content before Tim shares anything.

While reading donations Wipz or his editing team will get a Food TikTok compilation going or he will play a quick game of wordle.

Most of the time while streaming his wife will get him breakfast.

While eating breakfast he likes spectate solo matches in Call of Duty: Warzone play

If he is in a hurry because of a competition he will skip all of that and dive right into gaming.


Tim will still be playing or spectating Warzone or the hottest game out at the moment.

At lunchtime, we will again see his wife drop in with a plate of food and he will eat while he streams.

Since he is signed with complexity gaming this organization is owned by the Dallas Cowboys you can catch Tim doing tours with his beloved Football team the Cowboys.


After his stream is over he tells his viewers that he is done for the day and usually spends time with his wife and son.

In the summer, he will be at the beach a lot of times or hanging out with his friends.


We don’t have much information about what time he goes to bed but on the weekends we do know that he likes to go out and drink with friends and family and will come in on a Monday with a hangover.

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