MrBeast made an IRL of the series "Squid Game"

Who is MrBeast

MrBeast also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a famous American YouTuber who gained a lot of fame this past decade for his videos.

Jimmy’s videos include doing ridiculous things to strangers so he can get views. For example, he took Netflix’s series “Squid Games” and made it come to life for real with real people.

He also does other videos like buying a whole car dealership and for every potential customer, he would sell the car for free. Yes for FREE!

He has mentioned that every dollar that he received at the beginning of his YouTube career he would put into his videos, making him what he is now.

Let us find out how MrBeast got 100 million people to tune into his channel and what he does on a day-to-day basis.

Mornings with MrBeast

Before becoming what he is today. Jimmy would study night and day YouTube and its algorithm.

He was so focused on being successful and saw the potential that YouTube has and dreamt of filmmaking and videos and everything that comes along with making videos.

His morning consists of planning and finding out what to do so people can enjoy his videos.

Most of his videos consist of giveaways which, me included, find very wholesome.

Watching a random delivery guy walk into Jimmy’s home and do his job and him giving him a huge tip of at some times $100 up to giving them the house where he was shooting the video.


MrBeast day consists of building out where his next video is going to be filmed so he is constantly working on this day in and day out.

His very famous video of the Squid Games took around 7 weeks to create and 10 days of editing in which MrBeast was a part of making sure his vision of the video was spot on.

So he was constantly making sure everything was perfect.


His evenings depend on what type of video he is shooting because there are at times when he will spend 24 hours with his friends and contestants in his videos.

In one video he spent 50 hours in a prison with his friends.


Again it all depends on what type of crazy video MrBeast is doing so when he was in prison he would go to sleep around 10 pm.

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