Kevin Hart at a stand up event

Who is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart while he is out on tour, he is writing books, managing his company, or editing material for his forthcoming autobiography.

He believes in being a good father and being able to balance his work/life balance well. In addition to being a successful comedian, he is also a good parent.

Mornings with Kevin Hart

Hart usually gets up between 5 and 5:30 am, but if he hits the snooze button repetitively, he might finally get out of bed.

He sets alarms three minutes apart to get him up. Kevin isn’t a fan of sleeping in and always showers before breakfast.

Kevin’s morning routine consists of a shower, breakfast, and a workout.

Breakfast consists of turkey bacon and egg whites, and he eats it straight from the plate. He has black coffee to wake him up and focus on the day.

His backup option is tea because coffee is quite harsh on his voice. If he has a show later that night, he will skip the coffee and have some tea instead.

It’s harder on his voice when he’s drinking coffee, and he prefers tea if he has a show later that night.


It’s rare for Kevin to eat lunch outside, but if he wants to, he can order something at Starbucks (even though he insists he rarely consumes it).

He likes to take a pick-me-up in the afternoon, especially if he was out late the previous night.

It’s especially important for him to refuel if he was particularly drunk the night before.


He loves to have dinner around 7 p.m., but he’s not a big fan of carbs.

He occasionally has a glass or two of red wine after dinner.


After dinner is over and the children are asleep, he relaxes with his wife, Eriko, until bedtime at about 11 pm.

He normally gets at least six hours of sleep every night, but he might stay up a little longer if he’s enjoying a movie.

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