Joe Rogan at UFC 264

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is an American Sports UFC Commentator, comedian, podcaster, and Former TV Host. Rogan’s podcast is well-known across the US mostly because of his controversial topics. The name of the podcast is the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe’s first experience in Television was in Fear Factor, a show that was aired in the early 2000s. The show consisted of contestants doing dares/stunts to earn money. Some dares consisted of eating live bugs or being in a room of spiders, scorpions, rats, and anything that you are afraid of.

Rogan is also a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu and being heavily involved in the MMA Sport. After being very successful in the MMA world he started his own podcast and an exclusive contract with Spotify for the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience).

Here is how this MMA junky and podcaster spends his routine.

Mornings with Joe Rogan

Joe doesn’t follow a sleep schedule or anything because of his late-night activities that include commentating at UFC events, or entertaining friends. The only rule that he does have though is getting 8 hours of sleep.

So Joe will get up around 10 am to noon, depending on what he had to do the previous night. He likes to start the day with some alkaline water and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to hydrate and get ready for his intense workout session.

Joe Rogan is really into fasting, so he will skip breakfast and only get in that glass of alkaline water.

Rogan loves to work out if you listen to or watch his podcast you will know he loves to work out and loves discussing the physical and mental benefits.

He has a fully equipped home gym, so he will spend up to 3 hours working out. Joe also refers himself to as a “workout nut” and loves to get in a good workout to relieve stress and if he doesn’t work out he will feel edgy and/or depressed.


After his morning workout session, he will break the fast with a smoothie or even a steak with eggs on the side depending on the mood he’s in. Joe is also a hunter so he will only eat wild games that he has killed when going out hunting. His Instagram is full of the meals he prepares.

After his workout, Joe breaks the fast with a smoothie or a steak with eggs on the side, depending on what he’s feeling like on the day. He only eats wild games that he has killed himself on hunts. His Instagram has plenty of pictures of delicious elk and deer meals.

If he has a coffee in the afternoon, it’ll be from the Black Rifle Coffee Company. He enjoys Caveman Coffee as well.

Rogan will start his podcast in the afternoon but will occasionally start earlier if he has multiple guests for the day.


After filming the podcast Joe will head home for dinner in which he will have some elk meat and veggies. However, if he’s in the mood he will visit a burger joint either In-and-out or McDonald’s.

Evenings are usually at home where Joe likes to watch movies with his wife and daughters.


Before going to bed Joe will spend some time writing, he is a firm believer that his writing is what made him so successful so he does take his writing very seriously.

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